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Berker switches and systems are in use all over the world, making life more beautiful,
easier and more comfortable.


Berker switches and systems are in use all over the world, making life more beautiful, easier and more comfortable. We place the utmost emphasis on quality, design and innovation. This is confirmed by the numerous awards we have received both at home and abroad.

Berker is a leading supplier of high-quality electrical installations – from timelessly classic switch design through to intelligent building management systems. All new developments are created with just one thing in mind: our customer. After all, we want our products to make them feel good for decades to come.

Berker B.IQ.

A wide array of alternative materials and colours have been added to the
convenient variety of KNX functionality of the Berker B.IQ.

  • Frameless KNX push-button sensors with full-material rockers (glass, stainless steel and aluminium)
  • High scope of functions in the KNX applications through to devices with integrated thermostats
  • The attractive appearance is rounded off using white status LEDs and a blue operation LED.
  • Suitable variants for all materials and colours of sockets in the Berker B.7 switch programme. Available materials: plastic and glass in polar white, black and aluminium.Metal variants in aluminium and stainless steel.
Berker B.IQ.
Berker TS Sensor

Berker TS Sensor

Understatement is an art, and the Berker TS Sensor makes it perfect. Up to eight functions are concealed under a pure surface that is practically flush with the wall, and can be custom-labelled on request. A single touch is all it takes to control lights, heating or blinds. In this way, the Berker TS sensor can offer an exciting variety of possibilities –and, at the same time, still seems as calm as possible.

  • Besides the KNX TS sensor with thermostat, a KNX TS sensor is now available with bus coupling unit.
  • Suitable for installation bus systems and relay circuits
  • Electronics are positioned directly on the back of the glass plate for exceptional switching reliability
  • Super-flat design enables on-the-wall installation
  • LEDs can be used to show readiness for operation and to display switching states
  • Completely smooth surface made possible by screw-free fastening
  • Labelling on the back for perfect protection

Berker TS Sensor

Behind its elegantly purist exterior, there is an unexpected wealth of technical options: the Berker TS allows operation, not only of multiple light sources, but, if so desired, also of intelligent building control systems, such as Berker KNX or Berker Radio Bus. With their fine platform and switching knobs MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the Berker TS Crystal lends refinement to any atmosphere.

  • Suitable for installation bus systems and relay circuits with safety extra-low voltage
  • Material: glass
  • Crystalline variation of push-buttons MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for the glass platform of the Berker TS
  • Push-buttons available in 4 colours
Berker TS Sensor



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