A new dimension in television

Crucial to the success of Loewe is the combination of high-tech, design, quality, and ease of use.
The products are characterised by clean, precise and elegant shapes that retain their quality of finish throughout their lifetime,
and which have already won more than 200 international design awards.


For over 80 years, Loewe has invented television, we have kept our "Made in Germany" promise. Development, production and service departments are still based in Kronach (Upper Franconia). Loewe systems are designed to last and have emphasis on economic energy consumption. Modular technology, premium materials, precise workmanship, regular software updates and, not least, timeless design, guarantee the great feeling of owning a sustainable product.

Loewe bild 9
Loewe bild 9

Beauty objectified. Design: Bodo Sperlein.
Inspired by Bauhaus and Art Deco, the clear shapes and the warm matt gold shade create an attractive contrast to the futuristic display, which, at just 7 mm, is slimmer than most smartphones and has an almost floating quality. A high-quality fabric cover conceals the connections and cables on the back, and additional accessories if required.

Loewe klang 9



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