Planning your Home for Future Technology

New home builders will always have a question of what to consider as a mandate for their property when it comes to technology part, always considering it as the last part and not allocating budget right from planning it will finally come to a luck factor for majority of the home, most of the cases it is not planned. This is a major mistake considering the technology advancement happening in this era.

Believe me is not a costly affair for the technology infrastructure to be in place and make your home ready for the future age even if you don’t have plans to do it right now. We have came across people who consult right after foundation stone is laid and also people who comes in late even after the plastering for the technology planning. It is better to plan early as majority of the cabling can be done along with the electrical cabling of the house.

Ok, it is obvious that you now think “ how do u plan for the future when technology is changing at immense pace?”

This is a very valid question and to answer this we need to understand each technology area in detail and consider what went ahead in technology and what stays there for so long.

Let us consider Audio planning for the home, the most common audio system for new home is multi-room audio where each person can listen to his favorite song in his room or selected area with few button click through speakers installed in-wall/in-ceiling.

How this solution is useful? We all have independent music systems/Bluetooth speakers in each room; it is worth for the money to go with the centralized/in wall and in ceiling speakers?

A similar analogy will be considering your car inside as your room and you get in with your portable speaker for audio listening. If the car has built-in music system and speakers it will give you a audio listening experience rather than a mere song listening. Moreover it will remove the clutter in your car which will be there with the additional portable speaker, which is what all are looking for.  Whether to consider this feature or not is now your choice. If we make the audio system in this way, which has no exposed wire, it will be easy to maintain

So what to consider and what not when you plan the audio infrastructure for future. As technology is fast advancing the infrastructure we put in/basic equipment will be outdated?

To answer this we need to go with integrated design so that every component is functionally separated and usable by connectivity

If you look at speaker, it is same over the years, same is the case of amplifier only the form factor reduced, the most changing part is the content playing part and the connectivity part, so if you have a system design where player is different, connectivity part is different it is always expandable as the technology evolution happens. This is very easily understood with a music system purchased in early 2000, the multifunctional system (CD/Cassette/FM/Amplifier) may become useless because of the problem of a cassette deck, but If the system bought was with separate unit for CD/FM/Cassette/Amplifier we could still use the same with working components/features. This is a thumb rule for all system selection. This is where a technology consultant can help you to save your hard earned money.

To conclude on the audio system planning you can have the wiring for the necessary areas in place and mark It for anytime in future, it will be a minor job for a technology integrator to enable you with multi-room audio system in future

Similarly regarding the TV also it is worth considering necessary cabling provisions to avoid any further civil work in future, it is a common thing to notice in early 2000 home with a hanging black cable near the TV area, it can be antenna cable or similar type telephone cable.  Now for new home people plan it well in advance and plan separate cable and conduit for managing the same. As the Internet speed is availability is affordable now IPTV will takeover the current STB and also the cabling requirement for the 4K/8K television is also different with more fiber infrastructure dependency this underline the fact that we need more robust cabling plan for the future to avoid any hanging cable in our newly built tv area.It is always good to get technology consultation service, avoid all unknowns and plan your cabling before you start your final paint coat for your dream home.

If you are planning the Smart home technology features immediately It is also important to consider how this is achieved by the integrator before you start, this may seem to be over demanding but it is a very mandatory part, just think of building your home with out proper plan ? will you allow these days ? but this was not mandatory few decades before and home owner only knows about their home space planning at last and it will be too late to give opinion or correction. Similarly home technology features also need to be reviewed initially and understood before your start, the expertise in neatness of structured cabling is as important as having a well planned plumbing line, both will be too expensive to correct in future.


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