What is a Smart Home Controller

We all live with automation. And yet as much as we know about it and are surrounded by it, very few of you really have home automation. If that’s because you think it’s expensive and can’t afford it. You’re mistaken. It’s true that, in the past, automating a home was costly. Further, with the introduction of the iPhone and iPad nearly everyone has some form of touch screen already in their possession. No need to purchase the often outrageously expensive proprietary touchpanels offered by manufacturers. A home controller lets you watch and control almost anything electronic in your house from your smart phone or tablet, no matter where you are. This one simple idea leads to hundreds of possibilities that makes life more convenient and secure, and saves you both time and money. It lets you know that your loved ones are safe because you can watch your house from anywhere, see and control who comes and goes, and get emails or texts that let you know everything’s okay.Gadgeon Lifestyle for home automation company kerala also saves you cash by creating energy efficiencies, and slashes your monthly bills by cutting waste.

Systems by companies like Crestron and Elan could do almost anything you could imagine: sense when you walk into a room and then automatically adjust the thermostat, fix the lights, kick on the stereo, fire up the hot tub and send a message to your “special friend” that you’re home and ready to party. All with literally no interaction from you, you could do it from the comfort of anywhere in the world with a button press. With a smart home, you never worry that you forgot to turn something on or off when you left home. You never worry whether you locked the doors or left the air conditioner running. You never worry that the kids got home safely. You never get stuck running back to your home or business to do something you wished you could from where you are and will probably handle pretty much anything else your twisted mind can think up.


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