Make Your World Simple & Smart

Home is a space where we share and live with joy which makes it a happy destination. Nowadays these happy houses are transforming into smart homes which are demanded by our generation and developing world. Smart homes control over our lighting, audio and video of a room, home theatre, landscape arrangements etc. Automation of a home doesn’t make it smarter only but ensures safety as well. Nowadays safety matters above all home improvement methods. Automation of a house provides a centrally controlled system which makes it easy to handle even through internet. User friendly is the attractive as well as the main advantage of this arrangement. It can be organized as wired or wireless pattern depending upon the customer’s requirements. 


Lighting Automation


Lighting of a home creates and controls the internal atmosphere as well as the mood of people residing there. Controlling from a single device is the main benefit and highlight of lighting automation. Automation of lights transforms a normal house into a smart one since lighting of a home is the first thing that everyone notices. Lighting automation helps in reducing energy consumption and it increases the lamp life. Wireless automation is the advanced and most beneficial way since it reduces the installation cost.


Multiroom Audio Video


Playing favourite music in every room is possible with just one click is the attracting factor of multiroom audio video automation. As per the taste of owner, we design each room individually for getting a complete ambience. Combination of various speakers, amplifiers and other components enables us to give the best listening experience. Multiroom audio video automation system gives many possibilities like playing different songs in multiple rooms at the same time, keeping Set-Top-Boxes in central location and watch TV channels from any room.


Landscape Audio


Arranging outdoor audio system brings a natural mood of backwoods achieving a feel of relaxing in the midst of nature filled with a soothing music. Cluster of speakers provide rich sound with incredible amounts of volume. Our landscape audio system makes the outdoor installations easier due to the weatherproof and robust design. Sonance landscape system offers a wide range of all weather products which ensures best- in- class performance and provides stunning looks in every environment. It can accommodate in any sized space and dispense admirably even volume coverage and unimaginable sound quality.

Living Room AV


Living room nourishes our life by gathering the people inside a house under a roof which shares the joy and sadness. The room witnessing our daily emotions should be arranged in such a way to treat ourselves with calm music and inspiring videos. This can be achieved by automating this room with cornered speakers, soundbars, wireless speakers, TV, loudspeakers etc. Music from every corner along with visual treat always makes this room an outstanding one which can be accomplished through living room automation.


Home Theatre


Watching a film with family is an unavoidable thing for family bonding. In this fast moving generation travelling to a theatre with busy family members is a difficult decision. Achieving theatre effect in our own home is a boon to a family who is facing difficulty to manage busy family members to get into a theatre. Same viewer experience of a theatre can be attained with a home theatre system. Technically sophisticated audio-visual-lighting effect of a theatre can be accomplished with integrated home theatre automation.


Mirror TV


It’s an outstanding decision if you opt a mirror TV since it gives a new dimension to our life. Visual effect a mirror TV offers is incomparable to other TVs. Quality it provides as a TV and a mirror is astonishing and it should be an integral part in this fast moving, quality demanding generation.


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